Introduction of beekeeping in Tuna N.R. - Ghana

This project helped women - who did not yet have the possibility to earn their proper income - to earn more than 200€/year. The project started in a very pragmatic way: To citizens of Allensbach who visited Ghana in 2008, asked Lucilla Dayouri and her husband, Oxford Dayouri, how they could express their thanks and help them and the women groups a little.The answer was to finance three beehives for them - total cost: 100€.

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No sooner said than done: A carpenter from Tuna created three beehives based upon the instructions of Oxford Dayouri.

The result: Within the last 12 years, the number of beehive owners expanded to 50 women. Among others, the  "Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ" became aware of this project and supported the women group in creating the infrastrucure that is necessary to process the honey properly (honey extractors, protective suits, etc). Citizens of Allensbach and members of a local beekeepers association in Konstanz helped by providing additional protective suits.

We are very happy about this project, as it started with a small investment of only 100€ and turned out to be an essential part of the women work in the Tuna area that is still growing today. And the women who participate can secure a stable income for themselves and their families.

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