Inauguration of a widows shelter

Today is a special day: Agatha, who has been cast out by her family for being a witch, can move into the newly errected room of the widows shelter.

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Picture: Being cast out as a witch, she had to leave the house she lived in.

With that, months of homelessness came to an end. Finally, she had a roof over her head again, was able to feel at home again. Together with our African friends, we have been looking forward to this moment excitedly. Thanks to the great support of Lucilla Dayouri and a very generous donor this has become reality.

Development of a Fishery with Aquaponics

Consctruction of a pond and garden system (with vertical drip irrigation) to enable fishery - funded by the federal state Baden-Württemberg via the foundation "Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ)"

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Goal of this project is to provide women and their families with the means to improve their income situation. This goal is to be reached by laying the foundations through the building of the pond and garden system and by  teaching the women about fishery and the use of resulting natural fertilizer for gardening