Development of a large aquaponic system for fish farming and for irrigating fields

Construction of a fish basin and garden system (with vertical drip irrigation) to enable fishery and the irrigation of fields- funded by the federal state Baden-Württemberg via the foundation "Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ)"

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Goal of this project is to provide women and their families with the means to improve their income situation. This goal is to be reached by laying the foundations through the building of the fish basin and garden system and by  teaching the women about fishery and the use of resulting natural fertilizer for gardening

This earnings opportuinity is efficient and effective, as well as ecologically balanced and adapted to local conditions.

The major measures to reach this goal are:
- Construction of the fish basins.
- The combination of the fish basins (fishery) with gardening (aquaponics)
- Building up knowledge on aquaponics and self-reliant usage of aquaponics following the "Learning by Doing" principle

An extensive collection of photos and videos that document the whole project progression can be found by following this link (external link to the SmugMug site)
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