Inauguration of a widows shelter

Today is a special day: Agatha, who has been cast out by her family for being a witch, can move into the newly errected room of the widows shelter.

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Picture: Being cast out as a witch, she had to leave the house she lived in.

With that, months of homelessness came to an end. Finally, she had a roof over her head again, was able to feel at home again. Together with our African friends, we have been looking forward to this moment excitedly. Thanks to the great support of Lucilla Dayouri and a very generous donor this has become reality.

Some background information: Sadly, it is rather common in the region and within the tribe, that widows who are not able to bear children anymore are considered useless and therefore are being cast out of the family / tribe.  They have to get along on their own then and have to live as beggars and are forced to start stealing. This in turn leads to them being ill-reputed as witches.

The room that belongs to the local 'women group of law' builds the foundation of a widows shelter. Depending on the availability of additional funds, it can be extended into a meeting place for women, providing a place for training classes and meetings and additional shelter for more widows that have been cast out as witches.


Lucilla Dayouri has been tasked by the bishop of the diocese to take care about these women. Various projects have been set up to support the women and to create an economic infrastructure in the region. (Gardens for Ghana, Fishery, Honey production)


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