Construction of a small aquaponics system in Allensbach

As of late, there is also an Aquaponics-Fishery in Allensbach!

As the Uni-Ponic Group of the University of Constance has been dissolved recently, we were able to obtain the small Aquaponics system (volume: 1000 liters), that has been maintained up until nowby Ms. Carolyn Müller , for free.

We dismantled it on its original location in the historical center of Constance and rebuilt it in an unused greenhouse of the former nursery Hausler in Allensbach.

 The system consists of a 1000l fish tank and three  1,2m² plant basins that have been filled up with lava shingles (Hydro culture substrate).

The first 15 young Tilapia fish (3-5 cm long), we bought from a breeder in Neuffen, have been released on 18th of May 2020. These are the same fish that are also being grown in Africa.

The plant basins have been planted with strawberries (the first fruit are ripe already!), herbs, swiss chard and tomatoes.  

The water is being pumped continuously from the fish tank through the plant basins - and cleaned this way. The plants are using the fertilizer that has been "produced" by the fish to grow. Afterwards, the cleaned water is being pumped back into the fish basin again. That way, only the evaporated water has to be replaced.

We are not aiming for commercial success. Instead, we would like to gain more knowledge and experience. At the same time we would like to demonstrate the potential of this system.

Img 6146 Small   Img 6236 Small
 System on its old location in Constance

   Everything has been loaded - keeping the right "Corona-distance"
IMG 5994 Small   IMG 5909 Small
Reassembled, refilled and replanted in Allensbach   The young Tilapias are being delivered








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