Report of the general meeting of the "Partnerschaftsverein Allensbach-Ghana" from September 23, 2022

Chairman Michael Pfeffer opened the meeting and, in addition to the members who had appeared, was also able to welcome our partners from Ghana - Lucilla and Oxford Dayouri - as guests.

The extensive activities of the association in Ghana were presented and explained in the annual report of the board of directors.

With grants from the SEZ and significant donations, a fish farm for over 6000 fish, together with the necessary marketing systems for cooling and transport, could be built and procured.

The community garden that was also created is irrigated with the treated water from the fish basins via a drip irrigation system, so that the nutrients in the water are used by the plants.

In the social area, numerous widows and the needy were able to obtain basic health insurance, and a simple hut was built for an abandoned, impoverished woman, which could be the beginning of a women's center. In addition, the construction of a community house for the blind has started.

Various small operations (fractures, and eye operations) were also financed.

After the report on the finances of the association by the responsible cashier Claudia Dargel and the report of the cash auditor, the cashier and the board were unanimously approved.

In the following outlook, reference was made to the current projects, training in the field of fish farming, securing the fish feed requirements by purchasing a "fufu machine" (eccentric press) and the completion and establishment of the "house for the blind".

After the completion of the regulations, there was a "comfortable get-together" with snacks and drinks for exchange between the members and the guests.

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